HRIS Attendance Bot

In-built & Secure Payroll System

Employee Self Service Portal

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive & Structured Reports

Dedicated Support Team

What is HRMS?

  • A HRMS oversees all functions of the employee life cycle from ‘Hire’ to ‘Retire’
  • ResourceHR automates core HR functions with the latest cloud based technology
  • Transform your HR into a strategic business partner

Employee Self Service

  • Ensure smooth Onboarding process with ResourceHR
  • Empower and engage employees to access payslips, submit tax forms and update personal information.

Employee Dashboard

With our intuitive dashboard, your employees can:

  • View upcoming birthdays and company events
  • Set reminders on calendar
  • Track leave balance and upcoming public holidays

HR Attendance Bot – Attendance

Struggling with biometric systems for time tracking?

Switch to our HRIS Attendance Bot. With GPS tracking and facial recognition, employees can clockin and clock-out for the day

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