• Inventory Management.
  • Stock Transfers
  • Order Management
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Intuitive and Powerful Analytics Dashboard

All-in-One Warehouse Management System

Use data-driven insights and comprehensive reports to streamline and automate warehouse operations with Resource ERP cloud-based warehouse management system

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stock control system

Stock Control System

Easy to use inventory management system

  • Barcodes and Serial Numbers
  • Catalog Management
  • Item Classification
  • Product Bundles
  • Stock Adjustments

Order Management

Manage purchases and sales in a centralized system

  • Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Customer Management

order management

Analytics And Reporting

  • Warehouse Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Forecasting

Additional Features

  • Payment Integration
  • Warehouse Classification
  • Aisle Management
  • Accounts
  • Chat


Warehouse key Features

Managing sales
Managing Procurement
Location Management
Supplier Performance rating
Tracking sales performance

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